Forrest Peaker wrote:
“The first De marion album is a mixture of over-driven lullabies, blues, rag time and midnight ramblings of loneliness.
Through the beat of acoustic thumb thumps in “the girl has a job” or the distorted cacophony of “you wear ok”, De marion’s electric acoustic rhythms, finger picking, slide guitar and harmonica capture your heart with dab of melancholy and plenty of boot-stomp. De marion’s low, private phone conversation delivery pulls you in close, while his layered guitar rhythms and melodies keep expanding the scenery.
This debut album is a must for your next train hopping expedition and a real gem.”

released October 1, 2005

by Noja Recordings.
written, recorded and mixed by demarion at Home F in 2005.
all instruments are played by de marion, the drums are digital crap fake.
“time long past” lyrics are by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

cover art by De Marion

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De Marion

Release Date : 1 Ottobre 2005
Format : Digital Download