Cesorio Taglierin wrote:
“The man who discovered the Perfect Margin was actually looking for a parking lot and the lady who found where to park her third hand car was looking for a Good Place where she could listen to this record. In a way, both failed and thought Lennon was Music while the Beatles had other plans.

Whether this was a likely story or not, no one can tell and most of all, nobody cares, what mattered was chaining the words margin, place, and record.
Margin. These are songs written long after you stop both chasing musical belongings and asking ‘now what’ questions. It’s a peripheral spot with its raw power, anger, and suburban freedom. Fuck it.
Place. Living in Sicily is all but mesmerizing. If time is music’s place, de marion’s time is as hypnotic as only Sicily can be. Go serve yourself.
Record. It’s about the times you re-read a paragraph trying to figure out what it means while de marion’s tracks are playing in the background. I know, this was the weak point, but let me help you: it meant ‘love, what a strange way to call dingbats.

Please, don’t buy it, let this weirdo sleep more quiet sleeps, leave his hunger intact, call your logic and spent a nice night out instead.”


released November 26, 2008

by Noja Recordings.
written, recorded and mixed by demarion at Home F in 2007.
guitars and voice by de marion.

cover art by de marion


My Kingdom for a Couch

Release Date : 19 Gennaio 2020
Format : Digital Download